Imaginary Friends Reunited

Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

Imagined by anonymous at 12-13 years old

I found a tiny quartz crystal on the sidewalk once during a particularly lonely and awkward period of my life in 1996/1997 and fancied the idea that if I held it between my fingers, I’d have a direct link to Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day’s brain. I would tell him about my day and other mundane things and he would promise to come take me away with him when I turned 18. This lasted at least 6 months of my life. Green Day had faded into obscurity for a little while so I had no proof that Billie Joe Armstrong was NOT speaking to me telepathically. I like to imagine these days that they went on hiatus for a bit because Billie Joe was tormented by the voice of a 13 year old rambling on about The X-Files and how rude her French teacher was that day.

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12 Nov ’21

So it turns out that he did, in fact, have the time to listen to you whine

6 Dec ’21

hahahaha love that

11 Jan ’22


17 Mar ’22

maybe hes under your bed

20 Apr ’22

Turns out he's in my bedroom ;)

2 May ’22

green day has to be one of my favorite bands of all time

1 Sep ’22


10 Sep ’23

He was not an imaginary friend for me, but he was my imaginary boyfriend when I was also 14 👉👈😊 I'm 30 and I still love him and the band 😁