Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Ryan M at 7-9 years old

Joe was the guy that lived under the sofa that I'd call to when I needed something in my store restocked. “Joe! Need another batch of underwear for the shelves!” Poor guy never saw the light of day and just worked in the dark recesses under the couch.

Also friends with…


26 Oct ’21

I need a couple of pennies

5 Jan ’22

oi couch, joe i mean

16 Jan ’22

Joe may I sit on the couch and please get me some Oreos 🚶‍♀️

31 Jan ’22

i want joe in my house


2 Feb ’22


16 Feb ’22

They made fun of us Joe we need to rebel, its time for revilution. AN EVIL revilution.

25 Apr ’22

Get 'em 👴🏻

24 May ’22

please let me see the sun again

17 Aug ’22

Boy i know you didnt