Imaginary Friends Reunited

Peter the Panda

Peter the Panda

Imagined by Respect Arkle at 4-8 years old

He was able to fly like Superman and used my favourite pale blue blanket as his cape. He didn’t take shit from anyone or let anyone give me shit. Especially not Kelvin Thomas.

Also friends with…


27 Apr ’21

peter the panda sounds awesome

30 Apr ’21

it looks like a orca

6 May ’21

Dont be dissing the panda like that sussy

10 May ’21

It's true.

12 May ’21

parece el de kunfupanda mezclado con superman

7 Jun ’21

He will not listen to you, do you not see that he is eating?

13 Jul ’21

did he return your blanket?

26 Jul ’21

My first thought was "Is this Peter the panda from phineas and ferb?"

18 Aug ’21

he can't talk with me

28 Sep ’21


20 Oct ’21

Yes sussy baka, I did, I am not the panda from Phineas and Ferb, he is my brother.

1 Dec ’21

I love you NOOOOO

24 Dec ’21

He look like an elefant

10 Feb ’22

Hello pand i have news and the news is ima eat you i am a tiger and encreadibly hungry

-hungry tiger

7 Aug ’22

H-he lied to me he always said that hes real but how dare you arkle

3 May ’23

kelin tomas sounds super dumb

10 May ’23

ahh peter the panda and perry the plataypus