Imaginary Friends Reunited

My dead hamsters

My dead hamsters

Imagined by PssGirl at 6-8 years old

They were a collection of various hamsters I had that were, in fact, dead. Like ghosts! I played with them a lot and carried them around, I even would get mad if someone was about to step on them or hurt them by accident. Sometimes I also would make them take baths and such. It’s kinda creepy to think that they were ghosts of my dead hamsters but they had personalities and were fun friends!

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4 Nov ’21

This is creepy asf

5 Nov ’21

I like this one

22 Nov ’21

i agree with anonymous

26 Nov ’21

Imagine that you see that in your bed at 2 am in the morning

9 Dec ’21


11 Dec ’21

Cute but vreepy

17 Dec ’21

um i ate your hamster

29 Dec ’21

i am your hamster.

11 Jan ’22

i feel like this is kind o werddd

26 Jan ’22

are they ghosts how is it imaginary its just a imagination of your HAMSTERS

2 Feb ’22


9 Feb ’22

Bro you just had ghosts in your bedroom, yet you sound so unphased

Also shouldn't they be in heaven by now???

9 Feb ’22

Eat them.

10 Feb ’22

R.I.P. pickles :((

24 Feb ’22

rip gerald my only hamster may he live on

1 Mar ’22

rip harold

7 Mar ’22

Ur ham
ster are wierd and ugly and dum

15 Mar ’22

id have your hamster in a scrap

24 Mar ’22

harold was a perfect hamster but my doge eats him

25 Mar ’22

my hamster eat harold i am so sorry

6 Apr ’22


30 Apr ’22

i like hamsters.

2 May ’22

It's pretty normal people I always be seeing stuff like this lmao

22 May ’22

Rip peaches and Oreo my hamsters

27 May ’22

im the hamsters friend pig

21 Jun ’22

My heart goes out to anyone who lost hamsters

7 Aug ’22

Im not crying IM NOT CRYING

27 Aug ’22

I think it's quite charming

11 Nov ’22

were they imaginary or where they ghosts, like did your parents think you were okay? 💀

11 Dec ’22

I had hamsters, too. They were great.

23 Dec ’22

A teacher once said (vet): If the owner comes to you with a hamster, throw it to the snake and buy the owner a new one.

24 Dec ’22

I like eating hamsters

27 Dec ’22


24 Jan ’23

Nice! sorry for your loss, they look really cute!

28 Feb ’23

why do people think scince im dead i cant talk to human also i luv u human

19 Oct ’23

Harold come over here go to that blspack void it's the afterlife realm

12 Nov ’23

Sorry btw wuz hella hungry

24 Jan ’24

Sorry btw wuz hella wanting to suck your ghosts (up)

26 Jan ’24

it's kind of sad scary and cute at the same time