Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by BraixenMLP at 5 years old

She was extremely childish and got me into trouble a few times. She had red hair and the biggest blue eyes. I honestly think that she was just an imagined materialized version of the ADHD I was struggling with. I had thought she was real for the longest time, but whenever I tried to introduce her to people she would have “hid” and when they left she would come out of some obscure place, it drove me insane. She was fun to be around but also an extreme troublemaker, her charismatic charm always won me over though. We fought a few times but mainly just played together quietly.

Also friends with…


21 Dec ’21

My mum is called Lucy 😅

29 Dec ’21

no one asked sophia

6 Jan ’22

Hahaha you arenit fun😐

16 Jan ’22


31 Jan ’22

i dont think this was a imaginary freind

31 Jan ’22

i have one too !!

4 Feb ’22

why yall so mean she only has adhd so SH@T UP xD

9 Feb ’22

I think that was real.

21 Feb ’22

I had a friend called Lucy too. She also had red hair. She is gone now.

21 Feb ’22

I know a lucy she had big blue eyes and red hair

24 Mar ’22

no one asked!! i had a imangangry friend called feet

31 Mar ’22

Bye nerds!!

9 Apr ’22

i wonder if there IS any "imaginary" freind that actually existed and wasn't just created by the brain. this, and amy being an example of just that.

21 Apr ’22

Um what is this all because in setting there is a destroy buttton and it destroys the page.

30 Apr ’22

I had the exact same imaginary friend

25 May ’22

I know a little girl who literally looks like this except she has green eyes

23 Jul ’22

Ha ha i made you murder your mom hahaha loser

30 Jul ’22

Omg wtf would you do that lucy

7 Aug ’22

Lucy where were you we were best buddies you told me how to fly a kite make an origami we always made potions toghethre but when i was 13 you were gone apmaby im too old enough to be with my own lil sister

5 Sep ’22

let me out

12 Nov ’22

hi lucy im 6 i heard your 5 nice to meet you hope we can be friends

18 Feb ’23

I beat up your mom

13 May ’23

Sup loss see