Imaginary Friends Reunited

Internal Body

Internal Body

Imagined by Cody Grant at 8-10 years old

They were all really small and ran my body like I was a robot, they would operate my organs like stations, and when I get hurt the would go and make repairs.

Pic generated using OpenAI’s DALL·E 2

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20 Sep ’22

this is scary

10 Nov ’22

We resign from our job

6 Dec ’22


22 Dec ’22

No don't resign

28 Dec ’22

Copywriting cells at work?

8 Jan ’23

Literally me

6 Feb ’23

I'm very tired of pumping blood.

11 Feb ’23


14 Feb ’23

get back to work you idiots

21 Feb ’23

go back to your work yall

3 Mar ’23

Jaja que original, una vez imagine algo similar. Pero;
Que les pasara cuando mueras??
Pueden viajar de un cuerpo a otro con un beso por ejemplo??
Me encanta le doy 11,7/10

6 Apr ’23

A pile of food is stuck. help

8 Apr ’23

We're going on strike

13 Apr ’23

girl help i am drowning in your bloodstream:( clog ur arteries to save me

5 May ’23

that is actually a pretty badass imaginary friend im ngl

8 May ’23


10 May ’23

uhhh sir do i put the milk first or what

7 Jun ’23

help how do i untwist

27 Jun ’23

PUT CEREAL 1ST COWORKER PEOPLE LIKE THAT MORE wait remember that emberising moment in high school

1 Jul ’23

Hey everyone! He's trying to sleep!
Let's watch The Most Embarrising Moment!

18 Jul ’23

hey! he is sleeping!!!
make him remeber his op 10 cringiest things he did!!!!! yay!

29 Jul ’23

How do i flip down side down again

1 Aug ’23

Help me im upside down D:

8 Sep ’23

You know what? I'm going to retire

17 Sep ’23

i had this same thing and they would talk to eachother and they would be 1 for each part of my body and when i got hurt they fixed me and went back the same.

19 Sep ’23

Uhh... is it fine if I just let a little lose right now? It's kinda a little too full? I'm kinda new here- what do you mean, he is sleeping?