Imaginary Friends Reunited

Internal Body

Internal Body

Imagined by Cody Grant at 8-10 years old

They were all really small and ran my body like I was a robot, they would operate my organs like stations, and when I get hurt the would go and make repairs.

Pic generated using OpenAI’s DALL·E 2

Also friends with…


20 Sep ’22

this is scary

10 Nov ’22

We resign from our job

6 Dec ’22


22 Dec ’22

No don't resign

28 Dec ’22

Copywriting cells at work?

8 Jan ’23

Literally me

6 Feb ’23

I'm very tired of pumping blood.

11 Feb ’23


14 Feb ’23

get back to work you idiots

21 Feb ’23

go back to your work yall

3 Mar ’23

Jaja que original, una vez imagine algo similar. Pero;
Que les pasara cuando mueras??
Pueden viajar de un cuerpo a otro con un beso por ejemplo??
Me encanta le doy 11,7/10

6 Apr ’23

A pile of food is stuck. help

8 Apr ’23

We're going on strike

13 Apr ’23

girl help i am drowning in your bloodstream:( clog ur arteries to save me

5 May ’23

that is actually a pretty badass imaginary friend im ngl

8 May ’23


10 May ’23

uhhh sir do i put the milk first or what