Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Nessy at 10-12 years old

She had pink hair and loved to wear tiny fairy dresses. Sometimes her hair was white when she was really happy. She held my hand a lot and loved to encourage me all the time. She was like an inner me. She's basically like a guardian fairy.

Pic generated using OpenAI’s DALL·E 2

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7 Nov ’22

hello! its been so long since i saw you!

22 Dec ’22

hi minky

5 Jan ’23

I wish I had minky in my life growing up :(

12 Jan ’23

i just like fairies :D

18 Jan ’23

i love fairies :D minky is defintely my favorite imaginary friend <3

21 Feb ’23


18 Mar ’23

Minky! So nice To see you again perhaps you would care for a cup of Mint tea with some biscuits with me?

2 Apr ’23

Oh minky you seem like a dear care for a scone or tea with me?

26 Apr ’23

Damn i wish i had imaginary friends growing up

5 Jun ’23

Fairies are awesome!

29 Jul ’23

I agree with tea person

3 Nov ’23

hi minky

i love to have a imaginary friend and now i have got you