Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Nessy at 10-12 years old

She had pink hair and loved to wear tiny fairy dresses. Sometimes her hair was white when she was really happy. She held my hand a lot and loved to encourage me all the time. She was like an inner me. She's basically like a guardian fairy.

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Also friends with…


7 Nov ’22 minky

hello! its been so long since i saw you!

22 Dec ’22 rumine

hi minky

5 Jan ’23 anonymous

I wish I had minky in my life growing up :(

12 Jan ’23 zooey

i just like fairies :D

18 Jan ’23 cal :)

i love fairies :D minky is defintely my favorite imaginary friend <3

21 Feb ’23 someoneontheinternet


18 Mar ’23 Emilia

Minky! So nice To see you again perhaps you would care for a cup of Mint tea with some biscuits with me?

2 Apr ’23 teaperson no I am not birtish.

Oh minky you seem like a dear care for a scone or tea with me?

26 Apr ’23 BigChungus

Damn i wish i had imaginary friends growing up

5 Jun ’23 Tea person

Fairies are awesome!

29 Jul ’23 Rai

I agree with tea person

3 Nov ’23 maham

hi minky

i love to have a imaginary friend and now i have got you

18 Dec ’23 Zinky

Oh Minky!
I missed you!

2 Feb ’24 anonymous


10 Feb ’24 ankle breaker

she sounds like the best imaginary friend to have around lol

14 Feb ’24 Strawberry

Ankle breaker O.O

24 Mar ’24 supervox7

wow she is so cute

3 Apr ’24 xXMelanie Martinez fan_XOXO girlXx

tbh that is really cute