Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by dcorney at 4-7 years old

He was a fox and could fly, I think he wore a blue coat. He ‘retired’ to a cupboard under the sink in my grandparents house when I thought I was too old to have an imaginary friend.

Also friends with…


8 Apr ’21

Im still stuck in here bro

Get me out

27 Apr ’21

Help your fox out, they are still stuck there

3 May ’21

Coitada da raposa 😭😭

3 May ’21


5 May ’21

Bonjour je suis M.Corbeau et ce renard m'a volé mon fromage

6 May ’21

I'm not a fox I'm just a rabbit

6 May ’21

You are a stinky fox

6 May ’21

sono un criceto

7 May ’21

no he is int

7 May ’21

Poor fox

7 May ’21

Swiper non rubare!

10 May ’21

I dont care

12 May ’21

Haha same bro

21 May ’21

hEy cAn yOu PlEaSe GeT mE oUt.

PlEaS bro?

26 May ’21

nice pic

27 May ’21

What does the fox says

3 Jun ’21

Bro porque me metí en esto

7 Jun ’21


11 Jun ’21

devi far ucire la volpeeeee

29 Jun ’21

Como vim parar nesse site? Kkk;-;

8 Jul ’21

homie we are trying to get u out trust

8 Jul ’21

We can save he making a coat?

13 Jul ’21

save da fox he is eating soap and sponge SAVE HIM

25 Jul ’21


13 Aug ’21

Save ma fox for the sowwa

10 Sep ’21

What a coincidence!! I also had an imaginary fox but it looked different and wore our school uniform.

15 Sep ’21

Help im stuck i the basement

5 Oct ’21

ok so if im not real then maybe dont look under the sink

16 Oct ’21

Hey sexy

Wanna hang out ?

31 Dec ’21

Bro i already died and nobody saved me

15 Jan ’22

bro wot u ded m8

8 Feb ’22

is that nick wilde from zootopia??