Imaginary Friends Reunited

Mr Pineapple

Mr Pineapple

Imagined by Iain B at 5-8 years old

We had a small pantry cupboard under the stairs; he lived there, presumably as some sort of caretaker. Even after I’d grown out of him, we all called it “Pineapple’s cupboard”.

Also friends with…


5 May ’21 Ya Know

He sounds pretty cool

10 May ’21 Scared boy


10 May ’21 pineapple

i still live there, ya know... its been a while, I have to eat the rats now


yo he kinda sounds pretty chill and like a cool guy lol

26 May ’21 Delimiyim

Korktum ananas ne olm

28 Jun ’21 lillthy

kkkk ficar num armario por muito tempo eu morro?

14 Sep ’21 daisy

yooooo hear me out😩

29 Sep ’21 Curt Smith

We need a new member for our band. You think you could fill the spot, Mr Pineapple?

15 Oct ’21 Your mother Cindy

Hunny that was uncle Jim! He had an allergic reaction because I purposely fed him pineapples and he died; so I hid him in the little door :)

24 Feb ’22 me mr pineapple

hi iain b

26 Jun ’22 anonymous

wait was he a pineapple?

5 Aug ’22 Mint

I ate him today :(

10 May ’23 the onceler

let him out of there

30 Oct ’23 Mrs. Pineapple

Pineapple is doing good, he married me after he left the cupboard. we live underwater in spongebob's world- Mrs. Pineapple

6 Feb ’24 COCOAWESAME123_

I remembered that I ate his brother for a huge meal :\

27 Feb ’24 Big Jim

Bruh does SpongeBob live inside him 💀