Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by lilrayray at 8-10 years old

Beatrice is a pot plant. She used to like to play cards. Her best friend is schmuckface.

Also friends with…


13 Apr ’21

you spelt boyfriend wrong...

21 Apr ’21

I'm sorry Schmuckface, were were just friends....

6 May ’21

i need some popcorn for this

10 May ’21

youre pretty, i like the color of your pot. Have a nice day!

10 Jul ’21

I noticed you have some extra leaves... you gonna eat that?

5 Aug ’21

ma ieri ci siamo baciati e mi hai detto che non puoi stare senza me e ora dici che siamo solo amici...
non me l'aspettavo da te

4 Sep ’21

y quien termino ganando?

26 Nov ’21

When I told my friends that Im playing cards with a plant 😂😂😂

30 Apr ’22

Schmuckface, I see you as a deeply close companion to whom I share my closest secrets to... please understand I was undergoing a very rough patch yesterday and needed closure. I can't live without you bc if I did I wouldn't have my own personal diary and shoulder to cry upon.
Now if you'll excuse I must meet my sneaky link, our close friend harry, for a very.... romantic date.
With deepest regards,

15 Jun ’22


21 Oct ’22

Don't worry, Shmuckface, I have a friend who can set you up on a blind date. No hard feelings, yeh?

18 Mar ’23

'Ello chap! Up for a game 'o war?

25 Oct ’23

Please play cards with me or else I'l cut you to shreds