Imaginary Friends Reunited



Imagined by Jimbotfu at 5-7 years old

They did what I did and communicated to me through shut doors, as if they were portals. Also made cakes out of disgusting or inedible things.

Also friends with…


8 Apr ’21 That dude

This one gives me bad vibes for some reason

12 Apr ’21 Obviously

Damn i like this guy

12 Apr ’21 anonymous

What the hell kinda cakes did he makes

13 Apr ’21 ...hi


28 Apr ’21 :((

this is creepy

5 May ’21 Roxi is my dog

This one seems like someone gonna die idk why

10 May ’21 Batata

é um bolo flutuando

11 May ’21 It's me


11 May ’21 Basil


17 May ’21 heyoooo

free cake when noone comes to your birthday party

18 May ’21 heyoooo

free cake when no one comes to your birthday party

3 Jun ’21 Az

this is my favorite one so far-

4 Oct ’21 liam day nicholls

i love cake

5 Apr ’22 rosemary

this is the type of guy to serve you a cake with vegemite in it and fool u to think its chocolate lol

22 Jul ’22 Freind

Excusebut me my chicken grout and squid inc cupcakes tasted heavenly. Maybe if you tasted it you woudnt Be Hating On My Baking. :(

7 Oct ’22 Babu

Uh, No Thanks. I Don't Want A Wood And Cotton Cake. Sorry.

28 Nov ’22 Wood and Cotton Cake


22 May ’23 anonymous

Now I'm curious about those cake materials

8 Jul ’23 Telekinetic child

Sounds like something straight out of deamcore

30 Oct ’23 Wacky

Hey Kid! Whats the definition of weirdcore or dreamcore?
Me: Points to this

8 Apr ’24 Someone

Sounds like it came from a fever dream. Wait... OH MY GOD ITS MY PAL FRIEND FROM FEVER LAND!!!