Imaginary Friends Reunited

Dracula CEO

Dracula CEO

Imagined by Alastairis at 7-12 years old

They were the chairman of a board of imaginary people. He was like a classic Dracula but also had all of the responsibilities of a high-powered executive.

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28 Apr ’21, how much money does he make?

4 May ’21


4 May ’21

Ur looking mighty fine

5 May ’21

lol this is weird

6 May ’21


John Halvarsson

9 May ’21

He smells sour like funky

12 May ’21

Dracula Ceo Is Stupid

17 May ’21

Dad, is that you?

19 May ’21

Dişler πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ

21 May ’21

yo... nice

7 Jun ’21

son is that u???????????????????????????/

25 Jul ’21

Lol that's my dad

26 Jul ’21

Gotta make money somehow.
on second thought, a ceo actually sounds like the kind of job a self-respecting vampire would have. kudos to him.

15 Oct ’21

Ah. An empire built on blood. Fitting.