Crisp sandwich dropped onto blades of a lawnmower

Crisps Potato crisps
Bread White sliced
Shape Stack
Splits None Tears/bites

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22 Jun ’21
Preferred bread: brown granary

No fingers were lost in the making of this video

25 Jun ’21
Preferred bread: French sticks

You can see the damage a lawnmover does to bugs and stuff with this. Everyone, please mow you lawn less.

3 Jan ’22
Preferred bread: Tortilla wraps

I was angry at first wondering what a lawnmower has to do with bread but was relieved when I got to the end of the video

5 Jan ’22
Preferred bread: Cinnamon apple walnut bread

The chips kept on bouncing #ahotdogisasandwich

7 Jan ’22
Preferred bread: white

I thought there were no blades until the end of the video, cool vid anyway

7 Nov ’22
Preferred bread: Tiger bread

What the heck how dare you destroy that crisp sandwich! Reporting hope this gets taken down. That was putrid!😡

12 Dec ’22

when the lawnmower looks tastier then the sandwich

28 Apr ’23
Preferred bread: Lawnmower


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