3D model of white crisp sandwich with bite taken

Crisps Potato crisps
Bread White sliced
Shape Stack
Splits Tears/bites

3D model created by HappyToast

Download in OBJ format

Released under a CC0 public domain license, but credit and links appreciated.


11 Mar ’22
Fave crisp flavour: crispy

Looks delectable, I however take issue with the fact thaT IT APPEARS NONE OF THE CRISPS look bitten into, it pains me deeply, please fix this.

20 Mar ’22
Fave crisp flavour: Chese and onion

Looks good but why so big of a bite. If anyones got such a big gob then.

2 Oct ’22
Fave crisp flavour: existential crisis flavour

omgosh its almost like it's there in front of me i nearly took a bite of my phone *nom*

11 Oct ’22
Fave crisp flavour: sour cream and onion

too many comments about bites, just here to admire a 3d model

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