23 Feb ’22

"the doggo is here"

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From: Strategisk hund
Subj: How much strategy do you have?

Are you a dog? if so plus 10 points
Do you have ph? if so plus 50 points
Do you have a loggbok? if so plus 25 points

How many points do you have?


From: MrTumnus
Subj: Snail Friend

A snail, made in Blender

A snail, made in Blender


From: xanadon't
Subj: The Mr. Jordanverse


I've discussed this with a lot of people, and not nearly enough are aware that the the 1980 film Xanadu was a remake of the 1947 film Down to Earth, which was itself a sequel to the 1941 film Here Comes Mr. Jordan, which was subsequently remade as both the 1978 film Heaven Can Wait and the 2001 film Down to Earth (a Chris Rock vessel sharing a name with the original Rita Hayworth sequel to the film it was a remake of).

Heaven Can Wait was the title of the play all of these movies were originally based on, and before that title was used for the Warren Beatty remake, it was also used on an unrelated afterlife-based comedy in 1943.

Additionally, in Xanadu, Gene Kelly reprises his character from the 1944 film Cover Girl, a Rita Hayworth musical much like the first Down to Earth.

I just think it's all very neat.


From: sennydreadful
Subj: Re: Cars

Joe wrote:

I’ve always been perplexed by the Cars franchise.

It is the greatest travesty of the modern age that the cars in Cars have windshield eyes when everyone knows that headlights are the eyes of cars OKAY


From: electrical and mechanical engineer
Subj: Re: Cars

Joe wrote:

I’ve always been perplexed by the Cars franchise. The first movie starts with Lightning McQueen struggling to win a race...

..., a stomach, or is the stomach their engine? If there’s an electrical and mechanical engineer, please explain to me

it's a cartoon. for kids.


From: Nico De Fontaine
Subj: Life in Britain


It wasn't the best parsnips I had cooked. But certainly not the worst. Aunt Lorette hadn't had them before, but I was disappointed at her reaction. Although she said she'd liked them, she hadn't asked for the recipe - which was odd for her - I did wonder if she had actually hated them.

First you top and tail them, and peel. Then leave them in sugar-water (5 tablespoons sugar / litre) for an hour or so and leave to drain. Heat up a baking tray with olive oil and transfer parsnips (be careful of any remaining drips when putting on the hot oil)

Anyway, she went home happy enough, as I had done her favourite dessert; crème caramel.


From: the Bill & Gareth Gates Foundation
Subj: Re: The weight of the clipboard

kinduff wrote:

It happens when I cut something with ctrl + X.

There’s a weight to having something in the clipboard.

Hi kinduff! If you have the setting turned on, you can view your clipboard history by pressing Win+V on your keyboard.

Feel free to reach out if you need any more helpful Windows tips!

Much love,


From: Hi
Subj: the doggo is here


Just a picture of a doggo


From: mal
Subj: Re: Re: shopping list

anonymous wrote:

They do big Petit Filou now, and it upsets me that these aren't called 'Grand Filou'.

This is all wrong. the big petit filou would just be called a filou. the one that will come in a tub the size of a KFC bucket, now, that would be a grand filou.


From: Lewis Hamilton
Subj: Re: Re: shopping list

anonymous wrote:

They do big Petit Filou now, and it upsets me that these aren't called 'Grand Filou'.

Sometimes I go for a little drive in the country, which I affectionately call a 'Petit Prix'.


From: purple pineapple
Subj: Monkey hand, who wouldn't want one?

lucky hand

What would you ask for with a monkey's hand if humanity has 5 years left? The wish for more years for humanity is not worth it


From: miketeevee
Subj: Re: milo is love, milo is life

The best thing about Milo is that in Malaysia, where I lived and loved, they serve it with street tandoori. So you get a marinated, blackened chicken thigh, some pink pickled onions, a fearsome green chilli sauce, and that sweet, sweet chocoloate milkiness to wash all those sins away.


From: anonymous
Subj: Roofspace


We were so lucky to get this flat, saying yes as the next two viewers paced outside waiting for the letting agent’s invitation. Cheap, off-street parking, small garden, cheap, water included, council tax included, cheap, nice area, small deposit, cheap, no washing machine or bath but cheap.

It became available after the previous tenant moved away without warning. Apparently he worked in a bank in town, quiet chap, kept himself to himself; the landlord reckoned he’d had enough and gone abroad. There was a sister in Portugal, or a parent in Spain, something foreign like that.

We could keep anything left behind. His rusty bike was in the shed (gave it to a colleague), a tattered suitcase under the bed (bin) and four identical grey suits lined up in the wardrobe (charity shop). We found a passport in a suit pocket and decided we’d better keep it, but I don’t know where it is now.

I can’t remember what he looked like.

The scratching in the roofspace started a few weeks later, shortly after we’d gone to bed. A persistent scraping, sometimes above the kitchen but usually the bedroom, and in a half-awake state I’d imagine rats chewing right through and falling onto us. We bought a big tub of poison, lifted a hatch in the ceiling and threw it into the darkness.

By winter, there were also thuds above the living room, usually when we stayed up late watching TV. We put it down to squirrels jumping around or beams contracting from the cold. When it was really windy, the hatch would get lifted and rattle around, leaving bits of glass wool on the rug below.

Eventually we persuaded the landlord to bring in a pest control firm. A man emerged onto a flimsy ladder declaring there were no signs of animal infestation, only cracks and grooves that had probably always been there. He showed us a photo, shrugged and said he’d lay traps anyway.

Sometimes the scratching moves down the sloping part of the bedroom ceiling until it’s only inches from my head, then slows as if gently tracing out shapes on the plasterboard. We usually manage to get enough sleep, and the rent is still cheap.


From: sensory:deprivation
Subj: Re: Why didn't they call him DJ R. Hartley?

stx wrote:

A few words about a poorly executed remake of Britain's favourite advert* :

> Play audio



From: Jeff Musk
Subj: The most dangerous game


As a reclusive billionaire I have long grown bored of legal recreational activities, so I have decided to try and feel something in my jaded heart once again by hunting that most dangerous of creatures; man. However I get bored easily and don’t like anything that’s that challenging, so I was thinking I like buy a supermarket or something and basically you can go there and do your shopping for free but I might be sat up in the cafe bit with a sniper rifle or rocket launcher or whatever (can’t be bothered with all those hidden trap things). Anyway if you are interested (or have any better ideas) hit me up.


From: Richard Tingley @TheRichTea74
Subj: A Nugget...

Ghost after being trapped inside bag of Hickory Smoked Peanuts


From: cw
Subj: Senna and Princess Di

I like motor racing especially f1 and I like watching the old stuff to with my dad. When Senna crashed and died it was only a bit over 1 year after the thing with Di after they met at Donnington where he won. Its true and makes sense he was cool handsome she was very goid looking then he would have probably certainly fancied her maybe she would have fancied him too? He did win. Same age too makes sense. My dad says they met then anyway and shared a look he says and laughs if I ask him. So when he died I think she was his angel who helped him. When you die badly like in a bad crash you need an angel depends on what you believe but Senna definitely was into God and all that so he would of needed one especially then. And it probably was Di as she maybe loved him and was always caring and seemed like an angel anyway that’s what nan says about her so he’s dying and Di helping him (get to heaven?) in his head as he’s lying there. Nan says Maybe you can talk to your angel when your dying I wonder what they talked about. Then later she died in a car crash too but that probably is a coincidence i wonder if they are together now probably makes sense.


From: Mark “the man” Mann
Subj: Re: The best things

Captain Crackerjack wrote:

OK this is a list of the best things: 1. Platinum (that stuff is shiny) 2. The tears of a newborn child (they don't ...

... on Bing's forehead 5. A simple stick, such as you might find in a woods near your house or far away from your house

ooh get you Julie Andrews and your favourite things


From: anonymous
Subj: HOHM 2nd March


2nd March 2022
The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden
7pm til midnight
Tickets £8 at www.hohm.uk


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