Open mouldy crisp sandwich on a plate

Open mouldy crisp sandwich on a plate

Crisps Potato crisps
Bread Brown
Shape Open
Splits None

Photo created by Phil Betts

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Released under a CC0 public domain license, but credit and links appreciated.


1 Aug ’21 anonymous
Butter or marge?: no butter

perfect bread bernie would approve 10/10

15 Oct ’22 mmmmm


24 Jan ’23 hello
Butter or marge?: margerine good


1 Feb ’23 Martin Pilcher

vole.wtf Website Needs Fixing

3 Feb ’23 PourCerealBeforeMilk
Butter or marge?: Butter

Buttystock is great for looking at images of crisp sandwiches during class. Whether you're "researching" during science class or just bored out of your mind. Buttystock is 11/10

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