Open white crisp sandwich on a plate

Open white crisp sandwich on a plate

Crisps Potato crisps
Bread White sliced
Shape Open
Splits None

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26 Feb ’21
Fave crisp flavour: Chocolate Hobnobs

Okay, one more. I think context is everything in this picture. The sandwich itself is merely representative; a suggestion, if you will, of the Platonic ideal of crisp-sandwichness; it speaks to the viewer by it's contrast with the over-produced, gaudy menu on which it rests. "Here I am!" it cries. "A half-arsed crisp sandwich in a quarter-arsed Mexican restaurant, in a one-eighth arsed world!"

"BITE ME", it cries, silently, to the viewer - a perjorative, but also an imperative.

10/10, best one yet.

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