Brown crisp roll in among burning paper

Brown crisp roll in among burning paper

Crisps Potato crisps
Bread Brown Roll/baguette
Shape Stack
Splits None

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8 Dec ’21
Fave crisp flavour: Зима

Выглядит хорошо :D

31 Oct ’22
Fave crisp flavour: Cheetos Crunchy

NO, that is a waste of perfectly good crisp sandwich.
That is against the crispy law.

15 Feb ’23
Fave crisp flavour: Recesses with two toast with Doritos

Haha it's funny

16 Feb ’23
Fave crisp flavour: your mother

Not only will the chips be crispy; but the bread too.

21 Mar ’23
Fave crisp flavour: [REDACTED]

Get it out before it actually becomes a CRISP sandwich.

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