3D model of brown crisp sandwich

Crisps Potato crisps
Bread Brown
Shape Stack
Splits None

3D model created by HappyToast

Download in OBJ format

Released under a CC0 public domain license, but credit and links appreciated.


1 Mar ’21 Sir Breadington
Preferred bread: sourdough

This sandwich, yes, this sandwich is the one thing in this world to make me feel better. I would do anything to take a bite out of that 3d model. Alas, i am not able to convert my physical form into digital particles. This great sandwich of bread and potato chips will forever be out of my grasp. 100/100

- Thank you

25 Mar ’21 Bread the IV
Preferred bread: White

You need to make a Hot Cheetos sandwich!

25 May ’22 Cool kid bread

Holy sheet!!!! sandwich speening!!!!!!

2 Nov ’22 My name
Preferred bread: Prefferd bread: white

Thats gonna be my lunch

4 Apr ’24 Crisp
Preferred bread: White

I like the spinning samich. It has taste.

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