The Windows of Perception

The Windows of Perception

by HappyToast

Take your mind on a journey via the medium of biro on banana.

Cultural analysis

25 Oct ’23

Y'know, I think that this piece really encapsulates the presence of windows (the physical object, not the DOS based oporating system). Windows are objects with presence. They are phsical things which you can touch, which contrasts their lack of opacity. This work inverts the role of a window in that it while you can see the window, its presence is only illusory. In other words, you are unable to touch the window as it is just a drawing on a banana. I mean, I s'pose you could feel the banana if you tried to touch the window, but you don't actually feel any window-texture if you do. It doesn't make a good window, is what I'm trying to say.

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