Dawn of the overripe

Dawn of the overripe

by JimmerUK

A satirical look at 21st century consumerism.

Cultural analysis

3 Aug ’23 Barbarossa69


25 Aug ’23 AnonymousPerson

Spooky 😱

27 Feb ’24 Someone in this beautiful world

A good alternative use for those brown bananas,rather that always making banana bread.

The critique to consumerism goes in the way of how those bananas were bought because of it,just to end up rotting: How many stuff we buy,just to never use it again?

15 Mar ’24 WalaWingWang

guys i feel ripe i dont feel so good...

26 Mar ’24 Me

It's so beautiful *tears in eyes* it tells a story. A picture really does say a million words

27 Mar ’24 Shigeo kageyama

No 0/10 thats scary

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