The Vicious Circle

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2020 21m
Psychological horror film showing the aftermath of playing β€œCan You Draw a Perfect Circle?”. A Voleflix Original.

Director HappyToast
Starring HappyToast

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User reviews

26 Nov ’21

My 13-year old watched this and had nightmares for weeks! This movie is too disturbing for children and should be R-rated.

1 Dec ’21

no da miedo jajajjajajaj

6 Dec ’21

The movie is TERRIBLE

7 Dec ’21

this is rather calm but scary at the same time

9 Dec ’21

great video!

14 Dec ’21

how is tis scary like what the hell

14 Dec ’21

bruh this cricle weirf

23 Dec ’21

Absolutely the best video ever 10/10

27 Dec ’21


2 Jan ’22

loved it!

6 Jan ’22

This horror movie made me pooped my pants. Leaving that behind the movie is just perfect. the characters are really good and the theme its just beautifull. 10/10 really recomended.

7 Jan ’22

verry cool it made me poo

9 Jan ’22

It wasn't very scary, quite interesting I guess... we need more effort put into these originals.

11 Jan ’22

πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ βœ¨πŸ‘£βœ¨ 🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑

11 Jan ’22

the sound was getting louder every sec

19 Jan ’22

This movie is baddddtdtdtdtddt

25 Jan ’22

Why cant other people get this on netflix? It's a good movie, And it should cost 10 dollars in my opinion

27 Jan ’22

xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd no da miedo

27 Jan ’22

bruh, what even is this? this is the stupidest thing ever.

2 Feb ’22

The movie was great, and this site is better than netflix!
5 stars by Deez

2 Feb ’22

i never watch nex so this is great

3 Feb ’22

oH nO wHy nOoOoO

6 Feb ’22

this shit slaps

9 Feb ’22

the movie is pretty scaring i had to watch it throught my hands but its not that hard to draw a perfect circle

12 Feb ’22

Im from another app dontvexpect tonsee my brothers here but I laughed the whole movie

13 Feb ’22

How is that scary like what the hell

17 Feb ’22

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA **dies because scary**

25 Feb ’22

Yoooooo so scary!!!!!!!!!

27 Feb ’22

the secaryest video on eart

28 Feb ’22


8 Mar ’22

its a wonerful film lol sooooooooooooo funny

10 Mar ’22

dis movie wa good

13 Mar ’22

i shat myself out of fear

16 Mar ’22

me estrese,llore y me mee encima,buena pelicula 10/10

21 Mar ’22

Scarier than the scariest scary in the scary world of scary scaries.

27 Mar ’22

My 43-year-old son Marcuccio watched this movie and didn't sleep for 72 years.
I advise against everyone watching this movie if your child is -29 years old

5 Apr ’22

No puedo creer que esto paso.. Peor... YO JUGUÉ AQUEL JUEGO!!
Tengo secuelas por eso

19 Apr ’22


25 Apr ’22

how is this movie free this is literally the best movie of all time?

26 Apr ’22


27 Apr ’22

Im buying this movie now

10 May ’22

i love this movie

12 May ’22


12 May ’22

Good Movie.

17 May ’22

Well... this is interesting to say the least. i was expecting a horror film based on the comments, but it was just some guy drawing circles until he made the perfect one.

19 May ’22

this is to scary uwu/JJJJJ people shouldnt watch this

19 May ’22

Damn that scared the hell outa me 8/10

22 Jul ’22


23 Aug ’22

I am your biggest competitor and even I have to admit this movie is amazing and scary at the same time

28 Aug ’22

this reminds of a anolog horror called the circles,long story short,a town is hauted simple shape called a circle,we can see the effeets of a simple shape on a lonely house,we can see a man being affeted of a circle,just like in film.

7 Sep ’22

The movie ever

15 Sep ’22

literally regret going on this website.

17 Sep ’22

some parts gave me feelings... πŸ˜‰

24 Sep ’22

Hello there, I should have introduced myself to you, I am a tool to help you with drawing the perfect circles :)

1 Oct ’22

It's not that scary..but also not not scary if you know what I mean

3 Oct ’22

i thought, after watching the other voleflix original movie on here, it would be the same, if only slightly scarier. i was wrong. all eighty of my children are in therapy at the moment for awful nightmares resulting from this film. it should be r rated at the least

4 Oct ’22

Peed my pants watching this to scary

5 Oct ’22

This move made my goofy ahh uncle poop his pants.

24 Oct ’22

this movie is perfect to watch in a ten minute break of my work!

25 Oct ’22

i cried

12 Nov ’22

The Vicious Circle is an ambitious art film created by some shill in Mullbury (Mullburry? I don't know how to spell it, sorry Mullbarians), and I have to say, it has to have been one of the worst films I have ever seen! I would rather watch paint dry than watch this bloke here draw a circle for the n'th time. After the first minute, I was just dying to get out of the theatre. I thought it would be over after at least 3 minutes, but get this, it went on for another TWENTY ONE MINUTES. I kid you not, 21 minutes of a phone camera pointed at some paper, with some dude just drawing away at it. I hear saying "Oh, why don't you just leave the theatre Mr. Person?", and I would have, if not for the fact that my wife hadn't been nagging me to stay. She was just entranced by this movie, let me tell you. Just thrilled looking at a bunch of circles. Just look at something else, there are hundreds of other ways you could spend 21 minutes of your life. Go join a group and talk about something that relates to: education, modern science, or politics.

20 Dec ’22

This is one of the movies of all time!!

17 Jan ’23

ooo me dio ganas de ibujar circulos espero no sea sintoma de psicopatia

18 Jan ’23

I had nightmares for a month after watching this. The circles are horrifying and un neat, the best horror movie ever.

30 Jan ’23

This didn't age too well after bought this

9 Feb ’23

Noice πŸ₯―

23 Feb ’23

THis was the best movie i've ever watched


15 Mar ’23

This is the most worst calming moive every

19 Mar ’23


24 May ’23

this movie is so sus it made me piss in horror

17 Jun ’23

sooo scary 🀭

12 Sep ’23

It seems my EVIL CLONE has left a comment here- I dont see a lot of fake gillions, but it seems to be happening more and more.

14 Sep ’23

I watched this a year ago and i still have nightmears every night, every time i see a circle i poo my pants. 100000/10

15 Sep ’23

i pooped my pants while watching this ‼️ there should be a warning here about how vicious the circle really is. please rate it n-17. too horrifying.

2 Oct ’23

This is the most horrific and gruesome film I've ever seen, I have had nightmares for several weeks just because of it 😭

12 Nov ’23

you need to watch till the end, otherwise it isnt really scary. this feels unnerving. it somehow makes me nostalgic of an era not too long ago, when time began to feel fake, yknow that feeling?

15 Nov ’23

Sientes que quieres hacer el cΓ­rculo perfecto, pero llegas a un momento que te obsesionas y te estresas, yo hice el cΓ­rculo y no me saliΓ³ tan perfecto, pero recibΓ­ una puntuaciΓ³n de 88 puntos de 100. Es grandioso.