Calm Down Britain

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2019 3m
1980s BBFC experiment intended to “settle and reassure the psychologically-fragile viewer”. A Voleflix Original.

Starring Guy Kelly
The Krankies

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User reviews

3 Feb ’23

fan dabi dozi :D

3 Feb ’23

5/10 Calmly, but where's the spooky stuff, the thrills of horror?

10 Feb ’23

I don't think I get this one (I'm not British, so I'm not in the "nostalgia pool" for this). Might be funny lookin back on this for actual British folk, half of the stuff being said in this is unintelligible to me though. I don't feel qualified to type any further.

15 Feb ’23

Uhhh person? It think it doesn't feel like scary, it's just being calm.

25 Feb ’23


25 Feb ’23

Really cool

19 Mar ’23

Best film! I watched this after the vicious circle and it helped SOOOOOOO MUCH! THANK YOU!