Imaginary Friends Reunited

Bed boy

Bed boy

Imagined by tessa_aman on TikTok at 4-10 years old

Bed boy only came out when the lights were off, he slept in the top bunk and had medium length messy brown hair. I would talk to him for hours when I was younger, as I got older he started saying creepier things. When I turned 10 he said that he would be gone on my next birthday. The night of my 11th birthday came and I found a note, it said he’ll see me in the afterlife. The next day my mom told me about a second cousin of mine who died when he was 11. She showed me a picture of him and it was Bed Boy. I’m still not convinced he was imaginary.

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28 Oct ’21


10 Nov ’21

honestly this freaks m out as much as freind did

11 Nov ’21

How 'r u sleepin'?

3 Dec ’21


6 Dec ’21

That's ok I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway

28 Dec ’21

what on earth

2 Jan ’22

That is just creepy. Like he can have a crush on you. It's just scary and i have school tomorrow to. I want to sleep, but i have a uncle that is dead!

14 Jan ’22

i love this

8 Feb ’22

It's kinda sad to see the cousin of the boy is actually the bed boy and he probably doesn't know he is dead until his 11th birthday.

9 Feb ’22

I won't sleep tonight.

10 Feb ’22

what kind of bed is this ahhh

10 Feb ’22

well now im scared :D

20 Feb ’22

Well your cousin likes to say creepy things to you-
Now in scared but no much 🤨

21 Feb ’22

i shit myself but thats all no biggie

2 Mar ’22

Well that a normal Tuesday afternoon

3 Mar ’22

I can't sleep cuz people sleep on top of me

16 Mar ’22

ok this is scary af

24 May ’22

TF, thus one was scary i have goosebumps lmao.